Are You Still Hesitating Whether to Hire a Professional Roofing Contractor for Your Next Installation Project?

4 of the Most Common Poor-Quality Roofing Installation Signs

Repairing a roof is a relatively easy task for a roofing contractor with skills, knowledge, and expertise. Installing a brand new roof is a different story. It requires not just extensive training and experience but also top-quality materials and the latest tools. Hiring a well-respected roofer is the best you can do to ensure yourself and your family a safe and dry home. A roofing installation specialist will be able to identify the following sign of previous poor installations:

  • Moisture. When a new roof is installed, it is crucial for your home’s safety the proper ventilation system to be installed too. If you spot moisture in your attic soon after a new installation, this is bad news for your wallet as you will have to call the real professionals to get the job done right. Lack of proper ventilation leads to mold and mildew growth which can significantly harm your health as they will trigger various allergies.
  • Blistering. This is another unpleasant signal for poor-quality roof installation process. Blisters appear when there are any defects or failures in the ventilation system. Usually, they do not appear right after your new roofing system is installed, but their presence means that you need to hire specialists to perform high-quality and effective installation.
  • Leaks. Everyone knows that if you have leaks, you have a real problem. They can occur in any type of roofing system. Again, poor installation is the main culprit to blame. Moreover, if the roofers have used nails incorrectly and they did not keep shingles and other materials tightly, the flashing was not fastened enough, parts of your roof can easily fall off or be blown by strong wind.
  • Shingle issues. This is another bad sign of a faulty installation. If you see slipped or missing shingles on your roof or you see broken ones on the ground, you will have to hire a trustworthy contractor to get the job done correctly and carefully.

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