Want to Try and Put on Your Own Roof?

How to Perform Corrugated Roofing Installation

 Corrugated roofing is an excellent way to protect garden sheds, patios or shops. It’s fast, simple, and most people can do it themselves. You will need some basic tools and materials, and then follow the steps, we at JC Roofing & Siding at Flushing, NY, have provided below.

 gutters on top of an installed roofCut panels to the required length.

Using either a circular or jigsaw that has metal blades. Most panels come in lengths of up to 32 feet. Allow a minimum of 18 inches if you need to overlap. Pre-drill the holes on  ridges. Using 4.76 ml drill bit. Space the holes on all the ends and sides, they should be between 6 to 8 inches.

 Install your panels.

Install them straight onto the purloins which are attached to your roof trusses, starting with the exterior edges. Close off the ends using a wood or plastic strip beneath the panel at both ends. These stop rain, wind, and pests from gaining entry.

 Screw the panels down.

Pre-drill all holes, and use 10X5.2 cm screws along with polycarbonate washers. Carry on  across your roof until it is covered, overlapping the previous panel by a minimum of  2.5 inches. Adjust the lap so the last panel finishes the coverage without cutting length wise.

 Do the same to the other side.

If your roof has two sides, not just one single slope, repeat the roofing installation on the other side, and then put on a corrugated ridge cap when proceeding across with the panels.

 Choose the kind of roofing you are looking to use. Metal, PVC, or fibreglass. All these come in different lengths, but with a 26-inch width. They all have their own advantages and disadvantages.

 Place the panels on the floor the way you are looking for them to be when on the roof. This will help to set up the laps. When framing a roof, the spacing for the roof trusses should never be more than 24 inches, and purloins should never be more than 36 inches apart.

Put in a corrugated wall connector panel using roofing sealant when installing panels to cover a patio. Adhere to the manufacturer’s instructions on the sealant application.

 So, if you are looking for professional roofing installation call (718) 261-1891 now.